Markets are blooming!

June 16th, 2013
by Bernard Kinsella

I hit my first Farmers market this past weekend and had a great experience. Although you may not find everything you’re looking for… just yet! … It’s great to get out and be in the fresh air, see what’s available and NEW.

As always it’s a wonderful time to spend with Love ones. I went with my daughter and it’s a great time to just be …. As you stroll around don’t forget to ask questions and see what may be growing or coming in the near future. Check out the New England listing of markets at or  to review what’s cropping up and information helpful to consumers. Also, if you’re traveling for the summer and would like to see what other parts of the USA have available there are some cool markets close by as well.

The best thing about these markets is that they help you add to your recipe repertoire. Don’t forget to thoroughly rinse items well or let them soak for a bit, before you prep or cook them.

Let us know how your experience was and what you made!

Thanks and ciao Bernard

Next week check out our information on summer’s food safety tips!

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