Chef & the Nutritionist: Lunch & Learn Series

Bring our Instructional Demonstration Programs to your Employees

Many of Good Life Kitchen’s clients (fitness centers, corporate clients, and health care providers) offer hour-long “Lunch & Learn” cooking sessions to their employees at their office. Employers consider health and wellness programs as an important benefit to offer their employees and their employees realize that their health maintenance is professionally and personally important.

Our chef and nutritionist provide a cooking demonstration that explores nutritional value of healthier food habits. We provide recipes, cooking techniques and the nutritional information to help you start eating healthier and smarter.

We offer a variety of healthy cooking themes, which you can view on the right.

The duration of all Health and Wellness cooking demos is 50 minutes. We provide disposables for tasting the food we create in each session.

We require two 8’ tables and access to 1 electrical outlet.