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Start cooking better for you!

March 17th, 2013
by Bernard Kinsella

Do you have a signature dish?

This past week I hosted several cooking sessions with a variety of groups. The menus varied and the most common question by members in each session was:

“What is your favorite recipe or food to prepare”?

I must admit for the few years now that I have been cooking and the exciting journey it has provided me…I can’t say, I have a specific answer! There are so many great holiday foods to consider, seasonal favorites that get me going (fresh figs and cherries when they are available) & the summer farmers markets offer an abundant supply of treats to play with…the list goes on and on. A chef’s particular special, which is not necessarily a signature dish, just a seasonal ingredient, which they know how to properly cook is always a favorite to try.

Presently, I focus more on the “health and wellness” side of cooking, but I still prefer to taste most anything.  Although our website offers a variety of recipes and ‘how to’ videos you can see the cast of other host, who offer fine recipes.

Similarly, culinary publications provide us with an interesting outlook to everyday recipes and can inspire us to use our creativity to build on and try something new…any favorite publications you have? I enjoy “Cuisine at Home” its easy and simple to follow. The details and pictures make you want to make what’s on every page…so what’s your favorite dish to make or who inspires you in the kitchen, let us know?

ciao Bernard