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Welcome to Good Life Kitchen

August 28th, 2012
by Bernard Kinsella

The Good Life Kitchen offers a facility for culinary enthusiasts to explore the arts of cooking and healthy living in an atmosphere that removes inhibition and promotes learning, creativity and the development of relationships.

Introducing Bernard Kinsella

Chef Bernard Kinsella has been transforming the way we nourish ourselves with the food we eat for the past 25 years.  Through his innovative teaching programs, he explores the art of cooking – teaching simple and advanced culinary techniques that his students can incorporate into a user-friendly lifestyle. Chef Bernard makes cooking easy, enjoyable, healthy and cost effective. For years, his tried and true methods have helped people connect the dots between knowing the importance of a healthy diet and the practical steps they can take to integrate better nutrition in everyday meals – all with a focus on quality and affordability.

Our cooking programs are designed for individuals, businesses, families and small groups who are interested in learning through a hands-on approach to cook smarter and eat fresh food at home.

Each program is tailored to teach class participants basic and advanced culinary skills and to provide the opportunity to work with creative chefs, registered dieticians and culinary enthusiasts to learn a range of cuisines.