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Take a Cooking Class!

December 11th, 2011
by Bernard Kinsella

I was reading an article which was titled the “Top 10 Rules for Eating Right” and of course the one that caught my attention was:

Take an extra ten minutes a day to prepare healthy meals…
“By devoting a few minutes to planning for more nutritious eating, you invest in your own health and that of your family. And when I say few, I mean it: Studies from UCLA suggest that a wholesome, home-cooked dinner takes only about ten minutes longer to prepare, on average, than serving processed or ready-made food. If you make enough for leftovers, you’ll save time in the long run. And don’t forget: Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease all lead to doctor and hospital visits—which take a lot of time.”

By David L. Katz, MD

What a perfect statement! But for most people, we need to change a few habits’s to get us in the mode to make cooking more fun, less stressful and easier to do. I’ve been working with individuals and groups for awhile on this topic. Most people who come to cooking classes say to me they just don’t have the “know how”! So what the majority of individuals do is plan a meal around events in there lives vs. healthy meals around planned activities.

So what’s the point? In this season of giving, give something you can be a part of: a cooking class with you son or daughter, even your significant other! What a way to learn, spend time and be together. If you have a host of friends that are fun to be with, instead of heading out to eat have them come over and “play in your kitchen”. You would be surprised what could come of such an event. Most often the secret chef in nearly all of them would jump out to meet the occasion. I have noticed in this type of session, that the group begins to discuss ways on how they manage there daily nourishment and then realize it’s not as difficult as it may seem to prepare a healthy meal. Do you have a strategy to prepare healthy meals…we love to hear them!

Thanks …. Ciao    

Bernard Kinsella